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Finding My Way: Event Programme Design

A traditional medium - event booklet - designed for everyone's best event experience. 

December 2018

Client: Canada Youth Education Society

Industry: Non-profit, Education, Event Planning

brochure design.JPG
Design Problems

Design Problem & Solution


During the final contest, the client needed a tool/medium to clarify agenda, showcase contestants, call for live voting from the audience, advertise sponsors and partners. 


Given its multipurpose nature and the researched fact that most event sponsors prefer a paper copy that people would keep, we designed the event brochure to include necessary information regarding all parties: contestants and parents, sponsors and partners, general audience and event staff.

Event programme midpage.png

Mid-page of the booklet: ensuring the most important information (i.e., agenda) is in the middle

My Role & Activities


My Role


Event Experience Designer. I worked with a graphic designer on the making of this event booklet. 

Booklet front cover.png
Back cover.png

Front & Back Cover; Back cover incorporates the live audience voting section - with QR code for audience to scan and participate

Activities Performed

  • Gathered requirements and researched on brochure design best practices

  • Standardized sponsorship advertisement design formats

  • Edited copywriting for consistency 

  • Set up live voting system with Google Forms to include event feedback survey

  • Conducted design review before & quality assurance after printing

Early Designs

Early Designs

programme design trivia.jpg

Before editing: sponsors provided designs

After aligning designs.png

After editing to ensure adherence in each design 

User testing - programme design.JPG

Testing QR code on back cover for audience live voting





of the event

from 320 audience



satisfied with advertisement



reached out about

future partnership


"I will definitely keep this, for the memory!"        

- Parent of a contestant

"Thank you for all your help and work during this event, and our sincerest thanks for making Canuck Place a part of it!" 

- Caitlin Jung, Canuck Place Children's Hospice

Anita Yu Sun

  • LinkedIn

I am a digital designer specialized in UX/UI design, with experience of digital marketing and community engagement.

I design to build meaningful connections among us. 

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