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Reliance Bot

Implementing AI-powered chatbot to optimize B2B marketing and sales.


June 2019 - October 2019

Client: Reliance Foundry

Industry: Metal Casting & Manufacturing

Expanded Chatbot UI.png


The company’s main sales channel needed a chat interface to provide customers with prompt response while enabling them to reach Sales. 


An AI-powered chatbot on Reliance's website for prompt answers, with human fallback live chat.

Problem & Solution
My Role & Activities


My Role


I was the sole researcher and designer on this project. I worked closely with a Graphic Designer and Marketing Manager.

bot design thinking.JPG

Card sorting at design thinking workshop

Activities Performed

  • Conducted and presented competitive analysis, market & user research

  • Led design thinking workshops 

  • Created customer journey mapping

  • Performed task analysis on key actions

  • Designed chatbot conversation flows with intents and fallbacks

  • Built machine learning knowledge base for chatbot training with Google Dialogflow 

  • Tested user interface and conversation flows

Early Designs

Early Designs
G Training chatbot to understand business

Google Dialogflow training: for chatbot to understand business/industrial terms

Bot conversation & interface design in early ideation

Bot conversation & interface design in early ideation

K coversation window.png was used for live chat & user testing




designed for

conversation flows



involved in

research & testing



from users

matched to intents





"Anita's work on Reliance Bot is exciting for the whole company. I'm hopeful to see a good turnout when it's launched."

Anita Yu Sun

  • LinkedIn

I am a digital designer specialized in UX/UI design, with experience of digital marketing and community engagement.

I design to build meaningful connections among us. 

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