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© 2019 by Anita Yu Sun

What I'm doing NOW

Where I Am 

Vancouver, Canada

Coming back to the soothing rain. As I am settling in and catching up with friends, I start to realize how much my life has changed in the past four months. I still try not to make a big deal out of it; only by writing down bits and pieces, I can already see how greatly I appreciate everything that has happened. And I'm looking forward to what the future brings me. 

Where next?

With many things going on at home and abroad, I am grounded for the next while. But for the first (or second) time, I feel happy to be in this little rainy city. It feels like home, it is calm, and it keeps me on my feet. Since my new year's resolution is to be more financially conscientious, I'm at the perfect place to get started.

(Sobre el clima: Pensé que quería sentir frío, pero ya no..)

What I'm learning


I cannot procrastinate on this anymore. GRE is a standardized test for the graduate programs I'm interested in, although I'm not returning to school anytime soon, I would like to get it done and over with. I have a timeline and a (quite) solid study plan for myself, hopefully I stick to it!

Spanish & French

From my experience, if i stop practicing a language, they slip away quietly and quickly. This time around, nothing is slipping away. I am dicsiplined to participate in language exchange, read news, and do my workbook. 

What I'm reading

Atomic Habits by James Clear

I am joining in a book club in Vancouver, since the one in Bogotá was really fun for me. This is the book the club is reading this month, and it's been on my list for awhile, time to dig in!

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb

This is a book about psychotherapists. Not psychotheraoy, but psychotherapists. I'm always intrigued by the life therapists and counsellors have, and this book opens a perfect opportunity for me to take a peek.

Last updated: February  6, 2020