What I'm doing NOW

How I'm keeping sanity indoors

Dancing, coffee, and cake

I understand my mind's palate, and it favours fine grounded coffee beans. It enjoys learning new moves and recipes, too. I make so much food these days that I couldn't finish them. Anyhow, it feels great to have new experiences even though I'm confined. I also got back my coffeemaker with some new pod, can life be any more content?  


People say it would never happen until you schedule it and mark it on the calendar. Here I am, with a test coming up in a month, and all the excuses just went away. I haven't been the best of myself in May, but I'm back on feet, ready for this challenge on the way.

What I'm learning

Make the best desserts for the best people

I would love to save all my best lockdown stories for my future book if there would ever be one. In the meantime, making batter, ganache, and a little floral decoration on the cake just become my new obsession, along with Lady Gaga's Chromatica, of course. I see my stress melting away as I knead my dough and fold the pastry. I smile when I see my friends from a distance. It's been so hard to live by myself since I'm such a touchy-feely person, but again, I'm grateful to come to peace with myself.


So many programs and online courses out there nowadays. I decided to choose one platform that I could stick to with little problem, Babbel. Still, I am trying to put it into my morning routine, so that it can be automated internally. 

What I'm reading


I started using Blinkist, and it's been so much better than a few years ago when I first used it. I'm going through at least one book digest per day, and it is quite eye-opening to just absorb the key points before investing in a whole book. 

One Hundred Years of Solitude

Brian at last successfully persuaded me to start on this. The names are still terrifyingly long and confusing for me to keep track of everyone and everything, but I will get a hang of it very soon!

Last updated: May 28, 2020

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