What I'm doing NOW

Going into Summer


I'm spending most of my work hours indoor as the sun gets brutal here these days. If COVID-19 is in control, I might consider spending more time in the office with AC. I enjoy reading a lot more these days, and more people are sending me reading lists or materials for amusement. 


Every, single, weekend. I'm going into the wilderness (or something like that) every weekend of the summer. Thanks to my easy access to the beaches and parks, they would be part of my daily routine as well. Swimming in open water has been an adventure - I almost had a panic attack at Crescent beach, but the other ones seem all right.

What I'm learning

Marketing Design

I love my job. My team has been really supportive of my learning in every aspect of marketing and project management. With each sprint, my learning grows on J-Curve. I start to look at a broader expansion of business and analytics - this would be a direction where I get to learn a lot about why people do what they do in any cash transaction environment. 


So many programs and online courses out there nowadays. I decided to choose one platform that I could stick to with little problem, Babbel. Still, I am trying to put it into my morning routine, so that it can be automated internally. Whether it is luck or written, I'm blessed to have Hispanic friends who embraced me into a big family without a word. 

What I'm reading

Blinkist & 人生哲思录

I started using Blinkist, and it's been so much better than a few years ago when I first used it. I'm going through at least one book digest per day, and it is quite eye-opening to just absorb the key points before investing in a whole book. I'm open to recommendations in all fields.

One Hundred Years of Solitude

Brian at last successfully persuaded me to start on this. The names are still terrifyingly long and confusing for me to keep track of everyone and everything, but I will get a hang of it very soon!

Last updated: July 26, 2020

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