What I'm doing NOW

Same Same, Different 

House, Warmed

I did not get a proper housewarming ever since I got back. First, I live remotely away from the social circle I was and am in. Secondly, and more importantly, social distancing. I finally had a proper dinner with some good friends and people in the same bubble last weekend. It wasn't grand, just a few bottles with dishes from all over the world. I still feel like the luckiest girl in the world. The next 14 days are for self-quarantine, fingers crossed that I can stay put! 

LIfe, Forward

It's a little weird to think about what I was doing and what I was going through this time last year. Regardless, I have no time to be petty - my current life is a stream, it's only going one direction, and no one would ever be the same after the very instant. That said, the next move is about to be clear...

What I'm learning

Branding (?)

I thought this was what I had been doing since, like, ever; truth is, I have been doing branding in a very superficial way. Now that I have a good base on digital marketing, I realize there is so much more to branding, and maybe to everything in the business world. I love to learn new things, so here I am again, digging into the books!


I've made a group of new friends recently, and they make me feel at home. By that, I mean at home in Colombia. I've always been a third culture kid; there are things I was born with and entitled to, there are the cultures I've conformed to, and the other ones, to which I am attracted and spellbound. It's evident how I'm attracted to Hispanic cultures now, and the motivation to learn cannot be stronger. 

What I'm reading

Option B by Sheryl Sandberg

Facing adversity, building resilience, finding joy. Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant worked together to write this book, and I understand how strong one has to be to write down their deepest grief and related thoughts. 

One Hundred Years of Solitude

Brian at last successfully persuaded me to start on this. The names are still terrifyingly long and confusing for me to keep track of everyone and everything, but I will get a hang of it very soon!

Last updated: August 24, 2020

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