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© 2019 by Anita Yu Sun

What I'm doing NOW

Where I Am 

Bogotá, Colombia

Back in Bogotá, I find myself among many things: teaching, leanring, updating my perosnnels, hopping around cafes & coworks for a perfect space to focus. Unfortunately, I caught pink eye infection last week, making this week a rest week to myself - gratefully. 

I just attended Interaction Latin America conference in Medellín, Colombia. It's been such an experience. UX professionals and designers from all industries, attendees and speakers from all walks of life. I also got to explore the city a little more, with some new friends and awesome people, of course! I look forward to returning to this city in the future. 

Medellín, Colombia

What I'm learning

UX Design

Attending ILA19 has given more some new insight about my work, and people I met at the comference also gave me some guidance and pointers for my next step. This will be interesting and exciting when I update many things!

I'm not very motivated about Spanish this week, and I blame that on the bad eye. Happy that I'm almost done with A1, and hopefully getting onto A2 would be a smoother ride, progress wise.


What I'm reading

Spanish textbook

Yep. My Spanish textbook.

Learning a new langauge is so addictive and yet embarassing (a bit awkward). I just got a little homesick today because of my students asked me if I miss my hometown. Oh well. Read on. 

In the mall near where I live, there is a bookstore with an English section, they have many classics that I always want to read. As I'm far from home, it might be a good opportunity to read Norwegian Wood.

Norwegian Wood

by Haruki Murakumi

Last updated: November 14, 2019