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LaPower Website Redesign

A responsive website redesigned with a new membership management system and a clear site architecture. 

January 2019 - May 2019

Client: LaPower Running Club

Industry: Non-profit, Chinese Canadian Community

lapower cover mockup.jpg
Design Problems

Designs Problems: Constraints & Workarounds

Constraint 1: Tight Budget

Money vs. Contractors

Workaround: Making decisions & trade-offs that save time and money during the design process.

Constraint 2: Languages regarding User Personas

English vs. Chinese

Workaround: Homepage and Partner Page in English, but keeping English content simple and straightforward.

Constraint 3: Web Hosting & Content Mangaement Systems 

UI Design vs. Exsited WordPress

Workaround: Incorporating WordPress themes into UX/UI design, freed up more time for UX research.

My Role & Activities


My Role


Project Manager & Designer. I worked closely with a Content Administrator and the Board of Directors.

Previous homepage LaPower (2) 11.11.47.p

To understand community demographics, I did a social media audit as part of my user research

Activities Performed

  • Gathered requirements from the board, and researched on membership management

  • Conducted user interviews to understand needs and wants

  • Built user personas, journey mapping, and user stories

  • Created wireframes and tested clickable prototypes

  • Conducted in-person usability studies, reviewed analytics after launch

LaPower Running Club - Journey mapping.p user personas & journey maps

Early Designs

Early Designs

Previous homepage LaPower.png

Previous homepage analysis

LaPower fonts.png

Website UI: Fronts

LaPower user flow gram

Initial user flow for online membership system

LaPower Wireframes.png

Sketches & Wireframes



With collaboration of other community organizations, we launches the new site on May 12 at an annual dinner event.

Within 3 Months:



in search engine findability








in the process

Anita Yu Sun

  • LinkedIn

I am a digital designer specialized in UX/UI design, with experience of digital marketing and community engagement.

I design to build meaningful connections among us. 

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